Dean had a busy week!

Last week was a busy one in the life of Anthony de Grey Trellises with four installations taking place. First,  Dean designed an elegant store to hide those ugly bins that spoil the look of London’s pretty front gardens: Next he transformed this small garden with Trellis: Then came some plant supports to give year round interest to another Courtyard Garden: These Watton panels look fantastic on what was a large expanse of white wall and really give it depth and … Continue reading

Order your Trellis in February!

February is the perfect time to order Trellis to install in your garden before the plants start to grow in Spring.  Trellis gives your garden a framework and some structure in the Winter time and acts as a plant support in Summer.  Contact us to discuss the Trellis layout that will work best in your outside space.

Bespoke Trellis

Trellis to conceal bicycles, dustbins, utilities etc.       Here you can see how versatile Trellis is and how it can be used for so many applications in the garden.  In this picture it conceals two bicycles.         In the same front garden we designed Trellis to hide the air-conditioning units and the electricity meters..           and of course the dustbins!

Grafham Planter Box


Grafham Planter Box


A wooden planter available in a range of colours, either as a stand-alone planter or to complement existing trellis in the garden. Beaded exterior-grade Plywood panelling for extra durability.

Ideas for Courtyard Gardens

Courtyard gardens can be dark and gloomy and it can be difficult to cheer them up.  But they are extremely important, especially since, in Central London, the main living area of a property often opens out into them.     With a little imagination and skill, a courtyard can be transformed into an extension of the living area and, with the clever use of lighting, add a feeling of space and elegance for both day and night time use.

Transforming a small garden

Many London gardens are very limited for space and it’s important to make the most of what you have.  Trellis is a perfect backdrop, giving year-round interest – some colour and structure during the winter months and providing plant support in the summer. Small gardens are often very sunny and a shady seating area makes all the difference. See how this garden was transformed by the addition of a Sproughton Arbour surround and just two panels of trellis, to give … Continue reading